Plan Your Visit

Heritage Family Church is an exciting place for the whole family to worship together.

Our services and activities are designed for the entire family. 

Here are a few bits of helpful information to prepare for your visit to worship with us!


The entrance to our parking lot is across the street from Katy Jr. High and one entry north of O’Reilly Auto Parts. If it is raining, one of our young men will assist you in the building.


Your children will fit right into the service. We do not separate families during worship but include children in our service. Children are encouraged and expected to participate in prayer, praise, and preaching. Family Church on Sunday mornings combines kids church plus adult church into one exciting service for the entire family.


Our church meets 30 minutes for each service for prayer – you are welcome to join us. If you arive early, the lights will be dimmed and you will hear people praying. Some people pray out loud, while others are quiet – some stand or walk, while others sit or kneel.


Our preaching is Bible-based and preached passionately with authority. Don’t come expecting a self-help style seminar. We are preaching God’s word with the intent of conforming our lifestyles to please God. Come with an open heart and mind to receive the Word of God.


Our services are concluded with an opportunity to respond to the preaching with personal prayer and seeking God. The altar call is a place to be strengthened, forgiven, changed and healed. Many lives have been touched and changed by God during the altar-call.